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Our Services

Property Buying

As Property buying is a onetime investment, consequently extra caution needs to be exercised while buying properties. We assist you in making an informed decision with our comprehensive database on all the potential sellers, the listing of their properties and their quoted prices.

Property Selling

​We assist sellers for the sale of their properties. We competently represent them during the offer process and carry out all the paperwork and legal work in a timely manner so as to ensure hassle-free property transaction. We do a thorough appraisal of the properties in order to estimate their market value and then quote a suitable price for it, thereby guaranteeing the best deals to all the sellers of properties.

Property Renting

​Thane Property Zone offers the services of Property Rental in Thane. We act as the common link between the landlord and the tenant. We assist you in finding the right property to take on rent, keeping in view the location, space specifications, power backup and other amenities. We have detailed information on the individuals renting out properties, the type of properties and the expected rents.

Financial Services

​We can assist you in acquiring loans for purchase of residential or commercial property. It could be an under-construction project or a ready to move into. Some of the banks we have partnered with and have worked in the past for some of our customers are HDFC Bank, Axis bank, ICICI Bank. Kotak Bank, Edelweiss Finance, Tata capital or Fullerton’s.


Not to mention we’ll assist in getting the best interest rates, which are usually even lesser than what is even offered by the banks directly and the turnaround time is also comparatively less. We’ll run you through process of securing a loan, help you put together all the required documents and assist you at every step of the way to make it completely hassle-free.

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